Woodward Dream Cruise 2012

Woodward Dream Cruise, August 15-18 2012

A lot of good photos came from the 2012 Dream cruise, including one of my best car photos of all time.Starting out Wednesday evening and parked Hogley at Maple and Woodward and took some night shots including a few with a new flash (Note: Don’t do this.  It’s too startling for the driver)  I Went back on Thursday and hung out around Athen’s Coney and got some shots of my friends Mark and Matt in their vintage ‘Vettes.   On Friday, I took Hogley out and parked in an alley off Woodward, just North of Normandy.  This is where I snagged the shot that is the featured photo of this set, right in the sweet spot of blue hour.

This has become my favorite place to shoot Woodward.  The parking spaces between the shops and the sidewalk gives me enough room for a panning shot and the background across the street isn’t cluttered with falafel signs.  By the way–If anyone knows who these guys in the featured photo are, I’d really like to get  in touch with them.

Spent Saturday, which is the official day of the cruise, and we didn’t get there until after noon.  We took a spot near 12 mile on the west side of Woodward.  Never again.  Afternoon sun at my back puts shadows across all the cars.  Lesson learned.  I spent a lot of time on Woodward and this was one of the most enjoyable years for me there.


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