Sins of Steel 2017

Sins of Steel Car Show 2017

When we lived in Alameda, we had some friends that were part of the “Billetproof” car club bunch mostly from the East Bay. When we moved here in ’04, we ran into some of the same guys at Autorama that we met from the Hayward (California) club. They drove their cars out. From California. Ratrods. From California. They drove them to Detroit in late February/Early March. Ratrods don’t really have heaters. Or windows. Or roofs for the most part. I’ve made this drive in a modern car, with heat and air, and it was pretty fatiguing. In a Ratrod? Goddamn, color me impressed.

Well sometime that year, they also established a Billetproof chapter here.  They also had a meet, called the Billetproof Motor City Mayhem in Davisburg, which to my amazement is very close to where I now live.  Well things change as they always do, and the original organizer of “Billetproof” sold the event to another promoter and moved on.   There were four car clubs that stepped up to organize and run the show locally in conjunction with the new promoter: The Poor Boys, The Peckerheads, The Detroit Road Devils, and The Nightmares.   The show continued to run through 2009, when the new promoter pulled the plug on the Davisburg show, and moved to another location.

Well, the Poor Boys, Peckerheads, Detroit Road Devils, and Nightmares C.C. didn’t give up on the show and have named the show Sins of Steel, and it’s been going strong ever since.

Our friend Amy Bird of Vanity Vixens invites us to come out every year, and this year we actually made it.  For some reason, I thought this was up in Flint, or Burton or something, but when I mapped it–holy hell it’s right near my house!  We got there around noon, which was more than enough time.  The Mini-bike race was on and fun to watch.  I want one of the fat tire ones.

We made it through all the cars and hung out for a while and I finally got to meet Ray Smith II, while we waited for the pinup contest to begin, but that’s another post…

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