Miss Autorama 2017

Miss Autorama Pin-Up Contest 2017

Each year, Detroit Autorama holds it’s “Miss Autorama” Pin-Up pageant “Downstairs” in Cobo Hall.  The downstairs is a car show within a carshow.  At one time, it was the venue for the local car enthusiasts that didn’t quite rate a spot of the main floor of Autorama.  It was the place for “Tuners,” “In Progress” projects, and this is where the RatRod crowd first started making their appearance.  Now the “Downstairs” is preferred by many, and is the first place I go every year when I arrive at Autorama.

Miss Autorama 2017

This year’s Winner was Jeannine LaPorte (Center), with India Potter second (Left), with Leena Allure in third (Right).


Click on any thumbnail to view larger photo, hit “Play” for a slideshow.

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