Sara with the new car that will debut at the next race in Limerock.

Detroit Gran Prix, Belle Isle, Detroit, June 1,2 2013

This is our first Gran Prix, and one of our customers, Jim Taggart/Taggart Autosport was racing in the Pirelli World challenge GTS class.

Not only did we have access to the cold pits, but I was able to ride out to the hot pits with the Taggart team, and actually snagged a shot or two.  Jim Taggart is a very bold driver.  He was avidly trading paint with the rest of the GTS class, which included a number of Mustangs.  At the time I remember describing it as competing with a car made of eggshells, against cars made of sledgehammers.  As you can see in the photo, Jim collected a souvenir screw from one of the other cars, but unfortunately this triggered the stupid Lotus immobilizer and killed the car right there on the track.  That was on the Saturday race.  His times were good and he was qualified for the Sunday race where he managed to squirt between crashing cars and finished sixth under a yellow flag.

The rest of the race was very frustrating from a photography standpoint.  If you didn’t have a “Photographer” bib, you could not get to the only places to shoot from, and I finally ended up in one of the back stretch bleachers, but still not a very good position.  I won’t be enthusiastic to go unless I have photographer’s credentials, or I have one of our sponsored customers on the track.


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