BMW M2 Coupé

BMW M2 Coupé Revealed at the NAIAS2016

BMW’s new M2 Coupé traces it’s heritage to the 2002 model from the early 70’s.

Once again I attended of the NAIAS2016 (North American International Auto Show) with my friends at Vehiblog and each year I’m asked to pick the “Photographer’s Choice”.  My favorite reveal this year  was the BMW M2 Coupé.  Introduced by BMW’s Head of Sales & Distribution, Ian Robertson, rode onto the stage in the passenger seat of a very rare  1975 2002 Turbo owned by John Kenny.   BMW is reaffirming it’s claim to the title “Ultimate Driving Machine” by reinforcing the connection between the new Coupé and the platform that many agree is the model that spawned the slogan.

Ian Robertson and the rare BMW 2002 Turbo

I have a particular nostalgia for the 2002 models, since it was my daughter Chrissy’s first car.  It was a great car, and handled better than the MGs that I grew up on.  It did have a terrible habit of consuming deer, but that’s a story for another post.  It was simple, sporty and with 100-130hp, the 2002 was truly a machine that was meant for driving.

Enter the 2017 BMW M2.Ian Robertson introduces the new BMW M2 BMW M2 Coupé

Based on the M235i the M2 is a ground up redesign of the platform, targeted at the enthusiast market.  In the age of 300+ hp grocery-getters, a true sports car that aspires to be an “Ultimate Driving Machine” will need to have something serious under the hood, and the M2 does.  The 370hp 3L Turbocharged I6, and a six-speed manual standard it can hit 62mph (100kph) in 4.5 seconds.  It is also available with some whiz-bang seven speed double-clutch auto, but seriously, who cares–this is a car for drivers that want to drive.  A fully redesigned suspension with a wider tract with should make for great road grip, while four piston calipers on the front, and two piston on the rear should bring everything under control.

Light weight is not one trait inherited from it’s ancient predecessor, At 3400 lbs–it’s ~50% heavier than it’s ancestor the 2002 and equals the weight of a modern midsize four door sedan–but in todays world….that’s about the same as a Mustang.  BMW M2 Coupé

With a starting price of just under $53K, this should be an attainable vehicle for the sufficiently motivated enthusiast.  It’s a proper two-door sports car with an unquestionable heritage.
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