Autorama 2013

Autorama 2013, Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI March 9, 2013

Autorama is one of my favorite events of the year, and this year’s show was fantastic.  Not trying to “shoot every car” this time,

just focusing on the ones that caught my attention made the day more enjoyable.  Also, here’s a dirty secret:  Something like half the cars upstairs are the same every year.  Yeah, getting tired of that, but the downstairs is where the cool kids are.  The Riddler Award is always a world class event as are many of the high-dollar cars upstairs, and very worthwhile to check out, but I can’t relate to them like I can the cars that are built by their owner’s own two hands.   I also should mention that historically important cars also make an appearance.  This year, I finally got to see the Dodge Deora in person and get some shots.  I had a Hot Wheels version of this car.



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